Levent Eyüboğlu was born in 1969 in Trabzon. After his graduation from Galatasaray High School, he completed his bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering in Boğaziçi University. 
Eyüboğlu started his career at Wyeth as product group manager. Starting from 1994, he started to work in TAP Inc. established by Çukurova Group and French partners, he also got down to real estate and mall sectors. He worked as the project development manager of the projects improved by Tepe Group and Colin Investment / Nagel at Tepe Property Investment Inc. for 4 years. Between 2004-2010, he served as the CEO of Multi Turkmall, a Multi Corporation association.
Eyüboğlu has been working as the CEO and a Member of the Board in Turkmall INC. since 2000.
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