Faruk Göksu

Urban Strategy

Urban Planner
Speaker in event(s): Future of the Cities
Faruk Göksu is an urban planner who gives advisory services to the public and private sectors, especially for urban regeneration projects. He has several implemented public-private partnerships projects in Turkey. He was a general director of first public-private partnership named Portakal Çiçeği Valley Project which was organized by Portaş Inc. He is a specialist to bring people, private and public sector together for the project basis. He is dealing with the new urban instruments such as the transfer of development rights, negotiation and community participation models and methods for the pilot projects especially in Anotolian cities in Turkey. He also gives lectures about urban regeneration at the universities. 

Urban Strategy

“Urban Strategy” provides advisory services to the public and private sectors and local people in the fields of land development, urban regeneration and urban development. It is currently involved in major urban regeneration projects in İstanbul and Anatolia. 

The aims of Urban Strategy are; 

Establishing a dialogue with landowners to solve their urban problems,
Creating public, private partnership model for the realization of the projects,
Attaining sustainable housing settlement and its environment,
Producing solutions for physical, social and economic development of communities,
Designing communities for a new way of life and new urban patterns,
Creating strategic development plan and action plans.
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