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30 March 2011 Wednesday, 11:30 - 12:30
Hall: Aynalikavak Hall

Type: Panel Discussion
Subject: Commercial Real Estate
Organizers: Arkitera Architecture Center

Shopping centres are places which include multiple functions such as eating and drinking, entertainment and social activities besides shopping. Especially in some cities or in some spots of these cities, there is a fast increase in the quantity of shopping centres. The reasons of this increase, the consequences of this increase, the positive and negative effects of this change, what the shopping centres have to offer to the residents and what they supply are the primary subjects of “Shopping Centre Investments 2010-2011” panel and when the subject of shopping centres are approached as an investment tool, the future of existing shopping centres and the relation of these investments with the retail sector are going to be discussed with the concepts of efficiency and sustainability.
Summary for shopping centre sector:
  • The number of existing shopping centres at the beginning of the year 2010 had increased from 244 to 269 at the beginning of the year 2011.
  • GLA has increased from 5.750.000 m² to 6.500.000 m².
  • In 2010, the number of newly opened shopping centres was 23, having a total of 750,000 m² GLA and an average of 33.000 m² per unit. While in 2009, the number of newly opened shopping centres is 28, having a total of 806.000 m² GLA and an average of 28.700 m² per unit. These statistics show that each year bigger shopping centres are being built.
  • The expected number of new shopping centres opening in 2011 is 22, having a total of 825.000 m² GLA and an average of 37.500 m² per unit.
  • In Turkey, out of 81 provinces 46 of them have a shopping centre. In 2010, Isparta, Hatay and Artvin had their first shopping centre built.
  • The average of rentable area per 1000 people in Turkey is 89 m² while the average increases to 112 m² in provinces that has a shopping centre.
  • The distribution of total 6,5 million m² GLA according to scale:
          Very Large: 9 units, 907.964 m²
          Large: 36 units, 1.940.690 m²
          Middle: 67 units, 1.911.790 m²
          Small: 157 units, 1.713.688 m²
  • 59% of shopping centres in Turkey are smaller than 20.000 m² constituting only 26% of the total GLA.
  • In Turkey, 112 shopping centres are bigger than 20.000 m².

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