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The first examples of application of western city planning which conform Administrative Reforms Period started in Beyoğlu. This place could be a very suitable starting point for westernizing with its history, geography, ethnic and cultural properties. For this purpose, the reforms had to be commenced. Beyoğlu was the chamber which opened to the world with its harbor, docks and Golden Horn as a trade center. Furthermore, its dominance over the Capital and Bosporus had attracted all foreign embassies. The locals were rich and open to west.
The reforms started with regulations of Beyoğlu and Galata Offices, date December, 28 in 1857, "6. Municipality Office Regulations" and General Regulations of Beyoğlu and Galata Offices referred to as the 6th Office issued by the Municipality, date June, 7 in 1858. İstanbul was divided into 14 municipal offices. Beyoğlu was named as the 6th Office despite the fact that it was a first time implementation. The reason that it took this name was that the Municipality unit named as "Sixeme arrondissement" (6. Bölge) after the "Sixeme arrondissement" (6. Precinct) in Paris was the most well organized part of the Municipal unit. The objectives of Sixth. Office was to organize commerce and to render European urban services.
As the 6. Office was founded, Mr. Mehmet Kamil was assigned as its head. He had relations with the diplomatic mission and with the foreigners. The decision of cleaning, organizing of the streets and construction of Sewers and water ways and providing some other services were implemented. As the first task to be done, the cadastre maps of Beyoğlu and Galata have been drawn. Gardens for general use were organized and put to use in Taksim and Tepebaşı. A hospital was founded and the illumination of streets with gasoil torches was commenced on Cadde-i Kebir (İstiklal Street).
With the regulations in 1959, the cleaning works of the streets were put in tender. The streets were divided into 3 classifications. First Class Streets were cleaned on a daily basis, even twice during the summer, 3. class streets were cleaned once a week. The services mentioned were necessary for the elitist westerner section of Beyoğlu. The other sections especially sections like Kasımpaşa and Pangaltı were provided with no services as to cleaning and development.
The Municipality of Beyoğlu was founded in April 20th, 1924. Beyoğlu which included Beşiktaş, Şişli and Kemerburgaz during the first years of Cumhuriyet became the basis of today’s Beyoğlu, with the separation of Beşiktaş in 1930 and its assignment under the supervision of Eyüp in 1936, and the founding of Şişli Borough in 1954.
In the year 1970, it was divided into boroughs. Beyoğlu which used to be managed by the regional offices until 1984 gained its current statue which was organized within the framework of “Local Administrations Code” issued for Metropolitan and Borough Municipalities in 1984 including 45 neighborhoods.
Beyoğlu is the flower of İstanbul with its opulent culture which hosts people of different religions and languages living together in harmony. Ahmet Misbah Demircan has been elected to act as the Mayor of Beyoğlu which is the flower of İstanbul with its historic and cultural diversity following the local elections conducted in March 28th 2004. Since then our signatures have been affixed under the important services rendered in Beyoğlu.
The changing face of Talimhane, "Beyoğlum" credit card which contributes to the concept of being a Beyoğlu resident and gives privileges for its holders, “Kefken Summer and Environment” camp at which the successful students in our Borough are awarded and had an enjoyable holiday and the project of “White Lily” which brought the standards of hygiene to Beyoğlu, “Beyoğlu Conversations” where the historic and cultural diversity of Beyoğlu were introduced and music met with poems, “The Local Civic Power Collaboration Centre" we have formed with the cooperation we have made with nongovernmental organizations, the vocational courses we have organized to remedy unemployment, Güzel Beyoğlu Project, Kasımpaşa Kızılay Square now open to public, the illuminating project carrying on for a brighter Beyoğlu, “Schools hand in hand” project which provides for the restoration and requirements of schools, the educational sets given to each student studying in our borough as present, the cultural and artistic activities and Smart City Automation System and many other inventions...
These inventions many of which were firsts and were very suitable for Beyoğlu activated the dynamics of Beyoğlu. Municipality of Beyoğlu shares what it has done for Beyoğlu with everyone else who love Beyoğlu. Municipality of Beyoğlu has its doors open for anyone and it has supported everything to be made for and on behalf of Beyoğu.
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