A: Turnacıbaşı Cad. No:9 K:4 Beyoğlu İstanbul
T: +90 212 292 79 09
F: +90 212 292 79 08
W: www.urbanista.co.uk

Activity Areas: Developer
Tags: Speaker

Urbanista is a real estate development and consultancy company that produces landmark project that shift markets forward. We are currently focused on mixed-use urban re-development, bespoke residentioal an differentiated retail.

We tackle projects of varying size, structure, and complexit. We love a good challenge and thrive on projects that demand our unique perspective. We apply the same passion to everything we do and do not distinguish between our 'work' and 'life'. In our world, property is both our work and life.

Realize it or not, we are all so intimately linked to where we live, work, shop, roam, play, and relax that it is easy to lose our objectivity on property, quite like fish that do not see or think about the water that surrounds them. Our mission is to re-objectify property, to raise our consciousness of it, by developing projects that improve the quality and character of our lives.

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