Uğur Aslan

Uğur Harita İnşaat

General Manager

Uğur Aslan was born in Rize-Pazar in 1966. He continued his education in department of Mathematics of College of Science, Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) between years 1983-1986. He graduated as a Survey Engineer from department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry of Engineering Faculty, KTU in year 1989. He pursued his education with master’s degree programme in Gazi University, Institute of Science between years 1996-1998.

He worked as the Director of Surveying and Estates Department in Ankara Yenimahalle Municipality between years 1990-1999. During his service in public sector, he played an active role in development of industrial, residential, commercial and recreational uses in new urbanization areas of Ankara, Southwest and Northwest corridors. Through practicing the articles of law 3194, 2981, 3290, 3366 and 775, he made significant contributions in transformation of urbanization process of Ankara from illegal and shelter housing developments to modern urban development. Aslan, who specialized in project development, management and application over the course of his term in public sector, decided to pursue his professional experience and specialization in private sector and resigned from his position at his own request. He established UĞUR Cartography Construction Planning and Urban Transformation Ltd. Company in March of 2000.

Aslan, with his team that blended different professions within his company, successfully completed 31 urban transformation and regeneration projects which included 93838 independent units and 93723 claimants in 3098 hectares of lands in several provinces of Turkey; and presently he continues his practices.

In his practice, he adopts a sustainable approach that targets to generate mathematical transformation parameters and designs specific to needs of each project and aims to contribute to the local economies and employment all in the light of detailed and multi-perspective analyses. Accordingly, in his projects he draws an environment that is based on “in-situ transformation” principal; that aims social integration, that is human-centered and participatory. His practices form an example to several projects in national and international platforms.

Uğur Aslan, as a guest speaker, has shared his experience and specialization in the field of urban transformation and regeneration in national and international conventions and organizations. Aslan, whose articles were published in bulletins and who received awards for his success in his profession, is married and has two children. 

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