İsmet Erdem

Yapı Kredi Bank General Directorate

Director of the Mortgage Financing
Speaker in event(s): Mortgage Financing Sector in Turkey
İsmet Erdem is graduated from Economics at University of Marmara in 1994. He started his career at Credit Card Direct Sales at Pamukbank for 2 years. Subsequently, he started working at Nissan Turkey for 3 years as Product Manager. Erdem has managed all retail loan products (including mortgage) and small enterprise segment customers as Vice President at Finansbank between 1999-2007. 
He has still been working at Yapi Kredi Bank as Mortgage Director since 2007 in charge of marketing, program management & channel development, direct and indirect sales channels (construction project team, distribution channel team, direct sales team), project monitoring team and securitization of both mortgage and office loans.

Yapı Kredi Bank General Directorate

Banking institution of ‘the firsts’, Yapı Kredi, with its sustainable “infinite service” concept, has always adopted in principle best service forever.

Today, operating as equal shareholders with Koç Group and UniCredit, Yapı Kredi, plans on increasing its success even further with its strong vision, client based leadership concept, emphasis on values, safe and secure capital formation and internationally recognized corporate structure. In order to support this objective, as a part of brand equity, marketing communication activities has, without a doubt, a very crucial role. 
With staff over 17.000, branches close to 900 and the support of its customers, always working to produce better, Yapı Kredi, during this year, integrated its banking product and services in new packages for Retail and SME customers. With its strategy based on customer loyalty, the first steps were taken in the first quarter of the year by Pine and Oak packages. 

The first 150.000 customers buying these packages have seen that a sapling has been planted by TEMA Foundation on behalf of them. Consequently, we have included our customers, relevant to the name of our products, in an important corporate social responsibility project.
In this context, with the cooperation of TEMA Foundation, in the name of Yapı Kredi, at four different geographical region of Turkey, 150.000 sapling plantations have been actualized.
Juniper packages for other retail banking customers, Cedar packages for SME’s and Plane packages for Mortgage customers has followed Oak and Pine packages.
With number one choice of credit card users in Turkey Worldcard,“Taksitçi” and adios Premium card Yapı Kredi continues to diversify its product range and to establish powerful collaborations.
Yapı Kredi, while maintaining its leadership in Private Banking field, has originated many innovations in Turkey through its privileged understanding of service. While constantly presenting its supplementary financial activities to its consumers’ service with corporate social responsibility consciousness, it has initiated the “Unimpaired Banking Programme (Engelsiz Bankacılık Programı)”. 

Always succeeding to establish warm relationships with its customers, Yapı Kredi, has obtained a vast customer portfolio by strengthening through communicational activities the sense of security it created. Adopting to furnish services in international standards and to create a “difference” in the quality of service as principle, Yapı Kredi, is the pioneer of the banking industry.
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