Yalçın Ayaydın

Ayaydın Miroglio Group

Chairman of the Board
Speaker in event(s): Shopping Mall Investments 2010-2011
Born in 1960 in Mardin, Yalçın Ayaydın completed his elementary and high school in Mardin. In 1983, he gained his bachelor degree at Marmara University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. Ayaydın focused on using his experiences and knowledge to have a family business about textile and established Ipekyol Clothing Industry Co. which has gained a great success in a short time. 

After İpekyol, he established Twist in 1997 and Machka in 2004 and became an important actor in international market. In 2008, the company has merged with Italian textile firm Miroglio and Yalçın Ayaydın became the Chairman of the Board. 

Between 2001-2003, Yalçın Ayadın has worked as a board member of ITKIB and co-chairman of Fashion Expo Young Designers New Markets Comittee. Between 2006-2008, he was co-chairman of the board of ITKIB and the chairman of International Advertisement Expo Comittee. He was also the chairman of United Brands Association between 2003-2004. 

Yalçın Ayadın is also one of the partners of Trendyol which is an online selling company. 

Ayaydın Miroglio Group

The Ayaydın - Miroglio Group has been established by coming together with Ayaydın, a leading Turkish clothing industry corporation and the Italian clothing and textile giant Miroglio in May 2008. The roots of this partnership date back to 1986 in Turkey and 1883 in Italy.

In 1986, the Ayaydın Group entered the clothing retail market with its first brand, Ipekyol and rapidly reached a respectable status within the industry. By creating the Twist brand in 1997 and the Machka brand in 2004, Ayaydın kept marching toward its target to become an effective player both locally and globally. The Athens branch, established in 2005, plus increasing operations in seven countries within three years, turned the Ayaydın Group’s voyage of 22+ years into a real success story.

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