Tavit Köletavitoğlu

Atlas Project Corporation

Speaker in event(s): Hotel Investments 2010-2011
Tavit Köletavitoğlu was born in Malatya in 1951. He graduated from the Middle East Technical University as a City and Regional Planner in 1973. He had worked for the Transtürk Group and NET Group as a manager and decision-maker between 1982-1991. In 1991, he joined the Yapı Kredi Bank as the CEO and Managing Director of Enternasyonal Inc. Co. In 1997, he founded Atlas Ltd. Co., that still functions as an independent consultancy company specialized on land development and project management services. Köletavitoğlu held the Presidency position of the Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TYD) from 1999 until 2003 and presently, he is the President of the Advisory Council. He holds many memberships and founderships at various professional organizations including the Turkish-Greek Business Council, Air Transportation and Tourism Commission (ICC, Paris), The Economic and Social History Foundation of Turkey (İstanbul), Turkish Financial Administrators Foundation (İstanbul), Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), Turkish Social Economic Political Research Foundation (TÜSES), Steering Group of OECD Project on International Air Transport, Foundation for the Preservation of Turkish Monuments and Environment, Turkish-German Dialog Group, Foundation of İstanbul 2023. He was the Chairman of the Tourism Sector Board of the Union of Turkish Chambers and Exchange Markets (2000-2001) and the President of the Experts' Committee on Tourism, Five-year Development Plan (2001-2005) of The State Planning Organization. In 2001, He was awarded "the top Manager role in the Management Category" in Year's Gold Man Contest by the readers of Para Magazine, a well-known financial magazine of Turkey.

Atlas Project Corporation

Atlas is a dynamic company providing services for business development, project and asset management in the real estate development sector.

Atlas, as a corporate entity established in June 1997, has undertaken and successfully completed a wide variety of tasks for domestic and international clients.

Headquarters Located in Istanbul, a city that transcends continents, a metropolitan area with a population over 14 million and a city that manifests one of the fastest growing markets in terms of real estate.

The core team of Atlas is the basic driving force behind its success. This team has been working together for years and successfully completed many projects that have become leading assets for the owners.

When necessary, Atlas recruits the best specialists from other sources in the field and monitors their performance as the employer's representative. Atlas confines to the ethical principles of international consultancy and avoids conflict of interest in the provision of services.
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