Seyhan Özdemir


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Speaker in event(s): Design Oriented Development
Born in 1975 in Istanbul, Seyhan Özdemir is graduated from Fine Arts Faculty of Mimar Sinan University in 1998. After gaining experience in their field, Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar, who graduated from the same university, shared their individualistic approach to architecture by establishing Autoban and have continued their studies there.
Based in Istanbul, Seyhan and Sefer initially set working on cafe and restaurant projects. In 2004, the duo was named "Best Young Designers" by Wallpaper magazine. Then in 2005, Autoban was awarded "Best Newcomer" by Blueprint magazine following their participation at 100% Design in London and was also the Blueprint “Bursary Winner” that year. In 2006, their restaurant design Müzedechanga was awarded "Best Restaurant Design" by Wallpaper magazine. In 2007, they had the chance to show their products to the world by the agreement they signed with De La Espada. The duo began to work on one of their boutique hotel designs which was for Witt Istanbul Suites and listed in the Conde Nast Traveller Hot List in 2009. Bergere, Woody and One Armed were other designed products of Autoban that were awarded by “Design Turkey”. Working on a wide range of projects, form stores to hotel designs, Autoban provides an unexplored lifestyles for their customers as well as creating unique experiences. Some of their major projects include The House Cafe (İstanbul), Kitchenette (İstanbul), Anjelique (İstanbul), Müzedechanga (İstanbul), Yenn Wong (Hong Kong), Essentium (Madrid), WITT Istanbul Suites (İstanbul), The Marmara Şisli (İstanbul), Vakko (İstanbul), V2K Designers (İstanbul), Macro Center (İstanbul), Komşufırın (İstanbul), AFM (İstanbul) and Do & Co (İstanbul). It is Autoban’s high priority to have original characteristics for each one of their projects. They create different stories for each subject and unique architectural characters suitable for these stories. Since the day they were founded, for 7 years, the duo creating successful new architectural and interior designs and they take particular care about all their designs to be in absolute entirety.
The office which started with 2 people, now consists 40. It is currently running several projects abroad as well as continuous projects in Istanbul.
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