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A: Kayabaşı Sok. Uçhisar Nevşehir
T: +90 384 219 31 30
Activity Areas: Developer, Facility Management, Investor
argos in Cappadocia which has a 13 year of history of restoration has been brought to life under the supervision of seasoned architect Turgut Cansever by Argos Construction which works on real estate development, residential restoration, environmental protection and socio- cultural area projects with an approach in line of popularizing the right examples of the preservation culture and transferring such heritage to the next generations.
After a rigorous documentation and restoration process, the hotel complex which has been in commission since 2010 is regarded as one of the largest transformation projects in private sector with unique scale and characteristics, not only in Turkey but also in the world. argos in Cappadocia which emerge as the result of the restorations of a thousand of years old monastery campus, connected caves, sub-terrain tunnels and historical houses, is assimilated within the historical village, scattered fractionally on the hilltop that is directed to Guvercinlik Valley of Uchisar Village. In this example regarding the relation of culture-tourism, contrary to the fears, a tourism development model where the historical footsteps are preserved and relayed with fidelity, where a traditional village, in the verge of extinction by being abandoned, attains to a new life and where the balance of protection-usage has a tendency to history, steps up.
argos in Cappadocia gained a lot of attention in a short amount time in international scale with because of its capability of bring the approaches like a restoration concept that preserves the natural resources and ecological potential of the region and put them in practical use in this line in addition to the architectural texture, winery, developing the local water sources, additions to the local wine culture, communizing the applications where the wastes are recycled and transformed to public benefit etc. and has been awarded with different prizes. (
In addition to argos in Cappadocia, Argos Construction which completed a large number of projects in the area of residential homes, boutique hotel and urban design, continues its endeavors with the vision of popularizing its Capadocia experience to other preservation sites in the country.
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